Wednesday, August 3, 2011

love from Pijal

hi all! we are in Otavalo today at an internet "cafe". We have been staying in the village of Pijal with our friend Maria and her family. Her family is so generous and sweet, they live very raw and simple, but they have an extra building on their property that we are sleeping in. It has some electricity, but basicly it´s a room with concrete floors and a table. there are matts for us to sleep on, plus we have our camp pads and sleeping bags. We wash our clothes outside in a concrete water basin. Victoria, our hostess has most of the farm duties, and xylia went with her to milk the cows yesterday.
michael got sick the other day, then it was me yesterday....not too bad, just have to go to the bathroom a lot. Elias, Victoria´s husband is a 5th grade teacher, and he gave us a spanish lesson the other day. We are hoping to help out more on the farm, and now that we are all feeling better we may get to. there are lots of pictures, but i can´t post any from this computer. i think we may stay her in Pijal (30 min bus ride from Otavalo) until Mon, or Tues. We plan to head to the coast for a seems it´s whale watching season there. plus there´s an island of the coast they call "the poor man´s galapagos", but really isla la plata is the one place you can see all the variaties of the boobie birds and winged albatross, plus good snorkelling, so we are looking forward to that. although i have to say leaving the sisters will be difficult...they are so lovling and generous. they have so little yet give so much.

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