Monday, June 11, 2012

valparaiso ,chile

Valparaiso was a small port town an hour outside Santiago. We'd heard good things about it on our way South from Peru, and Santiago was just too big, at the time, to relate to. And lucky for it. What we found we often refer to as a mini-San Francisco. It was dynamic and energized with mysteries around every corner, winding alleys and forgotten stairwells. Ascensors, each with an individual personality and name, carried you through the steep stacks of buildings. Graffiti, beautifying mural art, adorned our walks.

It was the first time we felt like our overdrawn budget was being well spent in Chile. It was the first time we'd had a bath tub in 9 months.

Valparaiso was by far our favorite city outside of our home in Cuzco. -michael

valparaiso ,chile, a set on Flickr