Tuesday, August 9, 2011

adventures with lard

well...last night i mistook lard for butter. things are different here...like buying food and recognizing what you are eating. we made bread in the big oven last night...and it was made with butter. just that there was an extra stick of what looked sort of like butter. so when the fresh bread came out of the `orno` my first thought was to find that ``extra´´ stick of butter and slather my fresh warm bread with it......yummy. i ate 3 rolls this way, and so did michael and xylia, until michael had the epiphany that maybe, just maybe what i think is butter is not...so we aked maria. and sure enough she confirmed that there are 2 kinds one made from the cows milk and one made from the fat of the animals. so that put a quick end to my bread and butter feast....and i tried to to think about the fact that i was eating straight lard on my beautiful bread.

I have eaten cuy though...guinea pig...which was surprisingly delicious. and michael has eaten papas con sangre (that´s potatoes with blood) and tripe...but he´ll eat anything.

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