Sunday, November 28, 2010

Xylia......... southbound: The Plan.

      So, we have waded through the sludge of Orange county life and feel it is time for a change. My mother and I have tried on many occasions, and obviously were unsuccessful, to leave southern California.  Finally, Pilar, Michael and I (Xylia ) have concluded on a plan - and a very extravagant one at that- to leave, for good. well, our first pan is fr only a year, but after that... well I don't think we' come back to glorious OC. In June, we are embarking on a long journey beginning in Maui, to South America. Yes, South America. sounds crazy since only Michael has ever left the country? I know. So, we're going to, like, fly down to Ecuador, I think, and pretty much travel up and down the Continent for a year. Our Spanish - eh, its O.K., but we'll survive.... I hope :)
                        Yo amo mi familia y el vida vivo. Muchas Gracias, los hormiguitas.

-Flag-bearer Xylia...