Sunday, August 28, 2011

2 month mark

So we've hit the mark of 1 month in Ecuador, and 2 months on the road....homeless, jobless, yet not quite aimless. I was contemplating the other day if I was "ok". And luckily the answer was yes....although I have noticed that when things are not running so smooth I find my self questioning "what the hell I'm doing here, making my life so uncomfortable?" Like when I got sick for example....anything to be on my couch or on my bed with a nice cup of tea, soup on the stove, a hot bath and a movie.....or when we took the wrong route to Puerto Lopez, wad to sleep in the worst hotel ever for 4 hours only to fight our way onto a bus with standing room only at 3am....this one really made me wonder "do I really need to build more character? Is that what I'm trying to do here?"
  Yes, it's times of trial that are the toughest here...but isn't that true at home?
So sure things can be difficult here, Micheal's got the flu today and we paid to much for our hostel....but yesterday, we saw some of the most amazing wildlife ever. It's whale watching season here in Puerto Lopez!


  1. Pilar,

    The transitions are always the hardest part. Moving from one place to another, be it in Ecuador, Europe or Eureka is never easy. There is excitement, but also anxiety about the unknown. No matter has skilled or centered an individual might be, you will never be completely immune from self-doubt and uncertainty. Especially when you travel.

    I have always felt that travel is not about executing your plan, but persevering when your plan goes awry. Embracing that is hard, but it's surprisingly freeing once you do. Your barriers are great, but you've seen wonderful things and met wonderful people. Your character is strong's part of why you chose to go on a trip like this.

    Don't forget that you don't have to rough it all the time. You can check into a hotel with satellite tv and a bath and room service. It might not be in the plan, but a little purchased private space might be just what you need to refresh.

    That, or go skinny dipping with the whales.

    Thinking about you guys!


  2. It's not Maui!!!
    You are used to camping and roughing it though this is different. You have always been my Hera, I know you can have moments of of doubt, but with all you have accomplished alone, I know you will do what ever you need to finish all or as much of your trip as needed for all of you.

    Besos y brazos

  3. Hey Pilar, You have courage and stamina. I know you'll "veni, vidi, vici" :).
    Thanks for all those pictures and postings. They inspire and expand my mind! Will be thinking of you all!

    Your SF