Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who knows

I'd been lamenting (bitching and moaning) about how much IT work I've had of late and the commute involved, and how I'd rather be working on the cob project in Laguna. But my buddy Gordon reminded me that, soon enough, I'll be a Hunter-Gather. INDEED! I hadn't thought of our coming adventure in such terms, but, soon enough, each day will only be about ensuring the safety of my family: having food for the day and shelter by night.

At home we've talked so much about the transformation and personal discoveries that this trip will explore. And, always, we conclude with: "who knows, who or what we'll be". Will we love traveling, return and plan the next adventure? Will it be upsetting and we'll race back to settle down? Will it really last a year? Will we come back at all? Who knows. And what about the harsh realities of ranch and farm work; will we hate the toil and the calluses, or embrace each dawn with the roosters? I really don't know. That's what's exciting. Because all I want to know is that we're going and our only goal is to challenge ourselves and find out.

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