Saturday, February 26, 2011

our own seperate ways...

Today i was informed that there would be a portion of our trip that we would  all be having an adventure of our own. We would each spend around six week away from each other, on a little trip of self searching. i would, obviously, be going to school and living with someone else, like an exchange student program. michael will travel up to around Rio de Janeiro and permaculture the shit out of himself.  and my mom will probably find some midwifey thing to go do, or work on someone's farm. i was kinda scared at the thought of this - and then i was like "wait- i'm gonna be so sick of pilar and michael, that i'll happily spend six weeks away!' i mean, six weeks away sounds nice even now! i just hope that while i'm living in someone's home that teenage rebellion doesn't get the best of me :)

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