Friday, January 27, 2012

Abrazos de Bolivia

So, we´re in Bolivia now. The trip´s story evolves, as does our methods as travelers. Waiting to upload photos with Blog posts doesn´t hold me back from posting anymore (no more computer or camera, as such).

Change and flexibility seem to power us now: Pilar found a mid-wife to tutor with in Cuzco District in the Sacred Valley, and we´ve decided to shorten the Southern half of our travels to bring her back to the opportunity she´s been searching for since we considered our personal goals during the trip. Returning early to Cuzco also brings Xylia back to Aldea Yanapai where we think she may just find the core of self-identity that projects her into a young woman of direction and strength. Esoteric stuff, I know, but I´ve always wondered what gives certain young people such resolve of purpose, and I´m considering that this might be her cross-road. For myself, I dunno, more building and agriculture and probably some independant travel.

In the process of change and letting go, we got robbed on the night bus from CUzco, Peru on our way to Arequipa in the Southern border with Chile. Many have wished us comfort and encouragement with "thank God you´re safe", but, really, being robbed is not mugged, and happens just the same as leaving your stuff on a table and walking away. "So it goes", as Vonnegutt would say.

My growing point here, as punctuated with the loss of the laptop, our main camera, and hard drive with all the contents (pictures, movies, words, software, home school material, etc, etc, etc), is that we´d sorta let go of many things while strengthening our relationships and our spirit. The result? Considering anything is possible, nothing is daunting, might be the growing sentiment.

To this we´ve added another route change as have shifted the compass point to Bolivia, where I now type in Copacobana, a border town at 12,300ft, at the worlds highest navigable lake. Patagonia, Southern Argentina and Chile await another journey to Sùdamerica. Tonight we leave for La Paz. Sunday we´ll watch a strange twist on the Luchadors of Mexico, with Cholitas, Bolivian campesinas in skirts. After that we just don´t know but we´re headed to Buenas Aires and Uruguay and the Iguanzu Falls and back to Cuzco sometime in March. We still have tickets back to the US and we´re excited to build a new life in Oregon. However, day to day happens as it comes. As we strengthen our love each other a lot, we love our friends and family, new and known, just as much.

To quote my new favorite travel author, Juan Villarino, from his book ´Vagabonding in the Axis of Evil´...

"... maybe you are thinking what are you going to do next week, or when you arrive in your country. But, when you stop thinking, only then the whole world arrives".

besos y abrazos a nuestros compañeros, amigos y family. dulce sueños a todos.


  1. Wow!!! You are like a wise man, i wish if somthing like this happen to us, i could think us you.
    Send you hugs!!
    And don't forget, when you go into Argentina Write me so I can recomend some places to you.
    Joaquín and Clara

    1. Gracias Joaquin y Clara. Qué suerte para tu mensaje. Yo deje tus email en mi cuaderno en Cuzco. Por favor, envíame un email aca:
      chao amigos. buen suerte en tus viaje y te veremos en la frontera con EE.UU.