Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mamma commes to visit!

We rented our apartment in Cusco within the first week of arrival, and one of the nice things about having our own place is that we know where we'll be for awhile. For us ,being three, renting an apartment made the most sense for our budget...cheaper than hostal living. It has a fully stocked kitchen, internet and all the comforts of a home with lots of extra space. So the first thing I did was send out invites to friends and family to come visit....we have extra beds and Cusco is such a magical place! Walking around we couldn't help feeling like someone was missing...GG, or mom as I am only allowed to call her. With the cathedrals, the people, culture and handcrafts we knew she would just love it! So 3 weeks into our Cuscuenan lives, she and my aunt Marie came for a visit. Within our first 3 weeks we never really left Cusco city, we were busy with our Spanish classes, and I was busy acclimating my body, seeing as how I was sick and in bed for a good 2 weeks of it. So we were quite excited to start our exploration of the surrounding area and do the tourist thing of museums and ruins. Once they arrived, it was on, they were here for about 2 weeks... 2 very full weeks!

la famosa 12 angled stone

at the chocolate museum

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