Sunday, July 24, 2011

farthest and highest

traveling abroad is always something i have wanted to do. it felt so far off,difficult and maybe even inaccesible. and now that i´m here - all that feels pretty rediculous. as we first ventured out into the bustling streets of Quito, everything felt quite comfortable. in the streets were ladies cooking and cleaning, and men working. in the park there were babies crying, children playing and even a cheer camp going on! sure there are more honking cars and they drive a lot faster and even the buses have barkers hanging out the door. Quito is lovely, hospitablem welcoming and warm (it seems we bring the Cali sun with us where ever we go). So far we´ve managed an open air market, super mercado, post office, organic produce stand, and a film festival...all on our very limited español. Today we took a gondola up the Pinchicha mountain and we found ourselves looking over the entire city of Quito at 13,116 ft. and i realized; i am the highest i´ve ever been and the farthest i´ve ever been from home.


  1. Good that you can use your espanol it will get better.

  2. well...when i say "we" i mean mostly michael y xylia. their espanol is improving muy, i need to take some classes still.