Tuesday, June 14, 2011

officially, intentionally homeless

as of 6/9/11 we are with out an address....and although i would like to say i feel lighter or even excited, i'm not feeling much of anything, but maybe a bit automatic. these past few months have been incredibly full...each day packed with obligations and checklist to keep me on task, i haven't dropped in to feel anything. all i know is that if i keep moving forward i will eventually get there, or be able to check off one more task.

so the morning of 6/9/11 we left our apartment for the last time. the car was loaded with gear, boxes, bags, our dog loki and our ball python, pythia. (xylia our daughter left the monday before at 4am on her 8th grade trip through 5 states on the green tortoise bus!) we had a few stops to make along the way to southern oregon, and with each stop we left a box or bag that was intended for friends as we wound our way up the state of california. the trip was sweet with many friends along the way to wish us well and feed us well.

today the family is reunited back in costa mesa for a couple more days...more packing and refining the packing for the month in maui (where we officially start our travel year).

that island can't come soon enough. what i do know i feel is how disconnected from myself i have been in the last 2 months. i'm looking forward to finding myself again. i used to exercise regularly, meditate, yoga, breathe....none of which have found me lately. maui will be a recalibration or re-integration of self, it will, it will it will!

 saying goodbye to loki....this was a hard day
playing with her new brother tapa... she's going to have a great year at shakti moon ranch!


  1. Love and Hugs to you all!! Hopefully soon, the bliss of being free will find you! Loves and loves!

  2. Was the python food for the trip?

    Maui doesn't warrant a post?